Soda Ash

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Soda Ash

Along with sodium hydroxide, it is one of the two products of Soda Industries. A commercially available product contains more or less 2% of sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium chloride, and water. The soda ash produced in the kiln is called light ash, which is re-calcined by pouring it into water, and called dense ash.

Physicochemical Properties

  • - Appearance: white powder
  • - Odor: Odorless
  • - Acidity (PH): 11.5 (1% aqueous solution)
  • - Molecular Weight: 105.99
  • - Boiling Point: Decomposition
  • - Melting Point: 851℃
  • - Specific gravity (water=1): Grain Content / Light Ash: 0.7 / Dense Ash: 1.0
  • - Solubility: strong hygroscopicity (Dissolving 7.1g in 100g water at 0℃, 45.5g at 100℃)


  • - It is widely used in all industrial fields such as production of glass plate, glass products, production of sodium salt such as sodium carbonate and water glass, production of carbonate such as magnesium carbonate, production of seasonings such as sodium glutamate, synthesis of organic compounds such as coloring, fragrance, medicine and pesticide, washing wool, production of soap, compounding detergent, manufacture of paper pulp, and regeneration of rubber.

Specification and Packing Unit

· Packing Unit

  • - Sodium Carbonate Liquid : bulk(14~16%)
  • - Sodium Carbonate Solids : 25kg, 1ton jumbo bag, bulk
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