CEO Greeting

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CEO Greeting

Welcome to Samkwang Co., Ltd., a professional chemical manufacturer.

First. Samkwang Corp. is a chemical manufacturing company.

Specializes in all kinds of inorganic chemical products for industries including sewage and water treatment plant. It deals with water and wastewater, inorganic chemical compounds and inorganic acid.

Second. Samkwang Corp. is a viable company.

Makes the most of all the resources and capability through innovation and creative ideas to develop the products and technologies that customers want.

Third. is an eco-friendly company that highly prioritizes global environmental preservation.

is making continuous efforts to build a clean production system and produce eco-friendly products that minimize the environmental risks, in order to pass clean earth environment on to descendants.

Fourth. Samkwang Corp. is a company with clients.

Is always with customers. All management and employees of Samkwang Co., Ltd. are always trying to enrich the world harmoniously with our customers based on honesty and trust.
Thank you for your constant support and interest.
Samgwang Co., Ltd. (Chemical manufacturer and distributor)CEO: GwangSeop KimBusiness registration number: 610-81-50892TEL : +82-52-227-9680-1FAX : +82-52-268-9682
Headquarter/ plant: 83 Nam-gu Yongyeonro 248 (Hwangseong-dong) (Old address: 742-2 Hwangseong-dong Namgu Ulsan Metropolitan City)E-mail :
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