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Green management

Environment-friendly company that produces environment-
friendly products and minimize environmental risks by
establishing clean pollution production system to pass the
clean earth environment on to descendants

Creative Management

Through creative ideas and continuous innovation
activities we, future-oriented creative enterprise
enhances our competitiveness.

Degree management

Based on honesty and trust, we always do our best to enrich
the world with our customers.

HR Management

We are like those who can develop together with
business and offer the driving force of infinite
growth to prosper together.


All Samkwang's honest and trustworthy employees are committed to making a prosperous world with our customers
Samkwang will always be with customers.
A company that grows with people.
Samkwang will become a company to prosper with the people.
A company that invests in the future
based on innovation and creative management.
Not content with the present, we will
constantly grow with research and development.
We produce best-quality products with constant development.
We will be one of the best companies with advanced technology.
Using the moving patterns of atoms and molecules as the motive, the dynamic circle movement has been imaged the active enterprise.
Each of the three overlapping circles represents a corporate image of honesty, novelty and prosperity,
and reflects the ideology of making the company a harmonious and necessary society by combining each circle.



Do our best on small things



Do our best on everything



Be responsible for all the results

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