Magnesium Hydroxide

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Magnesium Hydroxide

It has recently been in the center of market attention as an inorganic flame retardant with characteristics of moderate price, convenient use, low corrosiveness and fluidity.

a. Magnesium hydroxide has a decomposition temperature of about 100 degrees higher than that of aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide decomposes at about 230 while magnesium hydroxide decomposes at about 330.
b. Magnesium hydroxide releases water vapor while decomposing to dilute the concentration of fuel that can be burnt in the gas.
c. It improves the insulation of plastic through the formation of char when heated.
d. It reduces smoke emission during combustion.

General Characteristics of the Product

  • - Formula : Mg(OH)2
  • - Specific Gravity : 2.4
  • - When heated at 100℃, it can be dried as magnesium hydroxide, but above 100 ° C, it releases water and turn into magnesium oxide MgO.
  • - Mg(OH)2 → MgO + H2O It dissolves in diluted acid, ammonium salt solution though it hardly dissolves in water.
  • - The aqueous solution tends to be alkaline.
  • - When it is left in the air as a solid state, it absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes magnesium carbonate.
  • - In the nature, it exists as a watery talc, and when magnesium salt is applied to alkali hydroxide, it becomes a colorless colloidal precipitate.


  • - Flame retardant, absorbent
  • - Flue gas desulfurization, acid waste water neutralizer
  • - Ceramics, artificial marble
  • - Heavy oil additive
  • - Detergent, salt stabilizer

Specification and Packing Unit

· Specification

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Rating Origin Purity Packaging NB
China More than 95.0% 25kg
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